Search Engine Optimization Course in Pakistan:

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is the approach of growing the number and type of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization

What do you learn in an SEO Course in Pakistan| Nationaletp


To comprehend the right meaning of SEO, let’s break that meaning down and look at the pieces:

Quality of traffic: You can target all the visitors globally, but this way you might not get the results you desire. If a customer searches some product in USA and lands at your website there is a huge chance that he will be mad at google for showing irrelevant results to him. Rather, you want to invite visitors who are sincerely interested in the merchandise that you offer.When you are successful in bringing in the right audience that’s tapping through from those search engine results pages (SERPs), the next step is to make sure the audience number grows exponentially.

Organic results: Ads make up a substantial portion of several multitudinous SERPs. Organic traffic is any traffic that doesn’t require you to pay. Doing optimization means that the people who compose all that content and put it on their sites are surmising that content and those sites up so search engines will be able to grasp what they’re seeing, and the users who turn up via search will love what they see. Optimization can take many shapes. It’s everything from making certain the title tags and meta explanations are both enlightening and didactic to pointing internal links at pages you’re proud of.

Search Engine Optimization

Why Choose an SEO Course in Pakistan| Nationaletp

Enables you to build an SEO-friendly site:
Once you decide that you are going to enroll in an SEO Course, it is high time that you start applying the techniques you learn as well and makes use of all the tools that there are to get the job done.

Content and Related Markup:

A site without content is nothing but SEO for content has sufficient particular variables that we’ve given it its own section. Start here if you want to learn more about keyword research, how to compose SEO-optimized copy and the kind of perimeter that helps search engines understand just what your content is really about.

On-site topics:

Dive into the details about the links, covering from anchor text to redirection. This course will enable you to understand when and where to use the necessary tools and if guest-blogging is dead. Build links for your site and improve the rankings.

Other Optimizations:

Make sure all that traffic has the smallest time possible to convert with conversion rate optimization (CRO), go into the micro-level details with local SEO, or target the global audience using international SEO.

The Evolution of SEO:

Search engine algorithms change repeatedly, and SEO strategies evolve in response to those alterations. So, it is a dire need of time that you keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Who Should be joining an SEO Course in Pakistan| Nationaletp

  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • An unemployed person with good command of language
  • Professionals
  • Business Men / Women
    Educated People

The demand for an SEO Expert in Pakistan|Nationaletp

Research tells us that;
• The growth rate of the Social Media Marketing Industry is 40 percent, with billions of dollars being spent on advertising.
• Over 70% of the Pakistani people are connected through social media.
• Eighty-nine percent of the marketing giants have expressed that online marketing brings huge success through Search Engine Optimization.
• This skill is on-demand in Pakistan as well, with the SEO Expert getting paid more than 30K on monthly basis based on experience and skill.



Introduction to SEO


How do Search Engines work?

  •  Indexing & Crawling Basics

  • Optimizing Crawl Budget

  • Intro to SEO

Organic Search vs. Paid Search Results

  • Anatomy of a Search Result (Search Snippet)

  • What is On-page SEO (Content, Architecture, HTML)?

  • What is Off-page SEO/Link Building (Social, Content-based, PR)?

Keyword Research

  • Finding Seed Keywords: Mind Map for Keyword Research

  • Using Wikipedia, Forums for Keyword Research

  • Keyword Research Process – Identify Seed Keywords, Collect Metrics, Map Keywords

  • Google Keyword Planner Tool

On-page SEO


HTML Basics

  • Web Page Basics: What is HTML, JavaScript,CSS

  • Basic HTML Tags to create a web page

  • HTML Tags for SEO: Title, H1, META Tags, IMG, A

On-page SEO Elements

  • Crawling: XML, HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt

  • Content Clusters (Creating SEO-based content)

  • Negative on-page to avoid

Technical SEO

  • URL Architecture

  • Page Speed Analysis (GTMetrix / YSlow / Google Page Speed Insights)

  • 301 Redirects

Mobile SEO

  • App Store Optimisation

  • Mobile Websites: Responsive, Adaptive, Dynamic

  • Optimizing for Voice Search

Schema markup

  • What is Schema & Why is it relevant to SEO.

  • Schema Types – Micro, JSON-LD

  • Common JSON Schema Tags – Organisation, Website, Blog Posting LocalBusiness

  • How Schema shows up in SERPs

Off-page SEO

Link Building

  • What is Link Building

  • Link Building Tactics

  • Manual Link Building Process

  • Link Building Metrics

Social SEO

  • Quora

  • YouTube Video SEO

  • Slideshare, Scribd and other Social Channels for SEO

Local SEO

  • What is Local SEO, Pigeon Update

  • Google My Business, Bing Places

  • Local Pages on your website

  • Local Listings/Citations

Backlink Audits using

  • Backlink audit of one website

  • How to audit backlinks of competitors and gain insights?

SEO Audit, Tools, Measurement


SEO Audits

  • What are SEO Audits?

  • Different Types of SEO Audits

  • Complete SEO Audit with Checklist – Screaming Frog SEO Spider, SEMRush Backlink Audit, Page

  • Speed Audit with GTMetrix / Google Page Speed Insights, Mobile Site Audit

  • Google Search Console

Algorithm Updates

  • History of Google Algorithms

  • Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Caffeine updates

  • RankBrain and the Future of SEO

Measurement with Google Analytics

  • Basics of Google Analytics

  • SEO Metrics to Measure – On-page, Off-page, Technical

  • SEO Reporting

SEO Resources, Careers in SEO

  • Top Blogs to follow for SEO

  • Free Learning Resources – Moz, Google Analytics

  • A career in SEO

Introduction to SEM – Fundamentals & Case Studies

  • Consumer Journey

  • What is SEM? Why SEM?

  • What is Google AdWords? Why Google AdWords?

  • Google Network

  • AdWords Terminologies

  • How Does the SEM Auction Work?

  • Structure of an AdWords Account

  • Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos),

  • Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them.

  • Creation of Search Network Campaign

    • Ad

    • Ad Formats

    • Ad Text Policies

    • Ad Text Best Practices

    • DKI

    • Ad Extensions

    • Keyword Research

    • Tools – Keyword Planner & Estimator

    • Keyword Match types

    • Keyword Strategies

    • Landing Page

    • Bidding and Budget

    • Optimizing the Search Network Campaign using the Keyword Planner, Match types, Ad Text best practices, etc

Creation of Google Display Network

  • GDN Targeting Options

  • Display Ad Formats

  • Ad Gallery Tool

  • Conversion Tracking

  • GDN Campaign Creation – Demo

  • Remarketing

  • Advanced Display: RLSA, Dynamic Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing

  • Advanced Display: Smart Display Campaigns

Mobile Ad Campaigns

  • Universal App Campaigns

  • Mobile-Specific Bidding and Targeting Strategies

  • Measuring Mobile Ad Performance and Conversions Report Editor

  • Optimization Strategies

  • Account Audit Demo

Shopping Campaigns – Introduction

  • What are Google Shopping Ads /Product Listing Ads?

  • Where do they appear on Google? What Shoppers on the internet do?

  • What retailers need? – New Advertising technologies

  • Google Shopping set retailers up for success

  • Features of Google Shopping Why PLA’s? And the path to creating PLA Ads

  • Merchant Centre Steps

  • Create Shopping Campaign on Google AdWords

  • Track Performance and Optimize the Campaigns

YouTube Marketing – Introduction & Ad Formats

  • YouTube Ad Formats

  • YouTube Campaign Creation

  • YouTube Analytics

  • Video Campaign Optimization Tips